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Tiangang® HS-3310

UV light stabilizer Blend for Solventborne and Waterborne

Product Description Tiangang® HS-3310 is a synergistic blend of Benzotriazole UV Absorbers, and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers, HALS to fulfill high cost/performance and durability requirements of both solventborne, and waterborne coatings, and inks. It is highly effective in protecting the substrate against UV induced degradation, such as gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change. Tiangang® HS-3310 is a versatile light stabilizer, and can be used in a variety of solventborne and waterborne industrial and decorative coatings systems.
Dosing Level Dry Film Thickness (DFT) directly affect the amount of UVA needed. The following amounts are recommended to achieve proper stabilization for given DFT (light stabilizers % are indicated on total formulation):
10-20um,4.0% - 8.0%
20-40um,2.0% - 4.0%
40-80um,1.0% - 2.0%
* Exact dosage should be determined in trials covering a concentration range.

Typical Properties

Tiangang® HS-3310 Appearance Viscosity,
@25oC, mPa s
@20oC, g/ml
Viscous amber liquid 8,000 1.10

Solubility @ 20oC ( g / 100 ml )

Tiangang® HS-3310 Water * Most common solvents
> 30% > 50%

 * Dispersion in water; might require predilution in a water miscible co-solvent such as butyldiglycol or Texanol (Eastman Chemicals).
Storage and Packing 

Tiangang® HS-3310 Stored in cool and dry condition, in the original closed containers.
20 / 200kg plastics drum, or 1 ton IBC, or packing according to customer’s requirements.