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Automotive Applications

In 2005, China's auto output 5.7 million, 17.76 million motorcycle production, the demand for automotive coatings 288 000 t, automotive refinish coatings 53 600 t, architectural coatings and automotive coatings are two of paint market pillars, they are inseparable from the light stabilizer. The car is a long-term outdoor use of transport, high weather resistance coating requirements, if used soon after the early loss of light, it will affect the car decorative large gong.
       The amount of UV Absorber coating and film thickness related to the thinner coating, the addition of the larger volume requirements. For example, for a thickness of 40} am clearcoat, ultraviolet absorber content of 1.5% to 2%} prevent UV radiation transmission; when the coating thickness is 20} am, the ultraviolet absorber content of 2.5% to 3% effective} protective coating. General automotive topcoat, HALS content should be. .5%} 2% (by binder solid content), independent of the stabilizing effect of HALS and film thickness, and different ultraviolet absorbers, with the amount of film thickness without change. If the car paint formulations reasonable choice of the correct combination of HALS and UV absorbers, an appropriate concentration, can make automotive coatings valid up to 10 years or longer.
       Finish the current domestic production of multi-purpose motorcycle Japan and China Taiwan technology to produce, higher prices, life is not ideal. A domestic company to develop high-performance poly-acrylic topcoat motorcycle acetaminophen (basic recipe Table 3-19), weather resistance and excellent overall performance, affordable, t Shanghai Xu loaded motorcycle accessories factory assembly line painted in the new Honda try loading good