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TiangangTM UV Masterbatch
Functional UV Masterbatch for Thick Greenhouse Applications

Product Name TGUVFQ2001PE
Description TiangangTM Masterbatch TGUVFQ2001PE is designed to fulfill the requirement to protect the PE films against strong UV sunlight. It is particularly effective when used in thick long-life films, > 100 micron, and expected life-expectance 2-3 yrs.
Dosage Recommendations Usually 2% - 5% for greenhouse films (0.4 - 1% concentration of HALS), though exact dosage amount are affected by a number of factors, and should be determined by experiments.


 ItemPercentage, %Description
1. Hindered Amine light stabilizer (HALS) 20 High molecular weight HALS
2. UV Absorber (UVA) 5 Effective UV absorber
3. Antioxidant (ATO) 5 Antioxidant providing protection during extrusion
4. Carrier 70 LLDPE resin
  TOTAL 100